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Collection item redirect

Hi Webflow community!

I am currently facing the following challenge:
I created many blog entries via a collection page. These entries are around 200 words long.

In addition to these smaller blog entries I created longer articles (5000 words) on a separate page which cover the topic more in depth. My motivation to use a separate page was because it was easier for me to design and format it (I found it more difficult to do this in the CMS).

My intention now is to redirect some smaller blog entries to the main article (but keeping the ranking power of the blog entries).

My solution:
Use a 301-redirect on the corresponding blog entries.

Current challenge:
Is there the possibility to use a redirect on specific blog entries (collection page)?

I have already checked the 301 Tutorials from Webflow but it seems they only apply to whole pages, not to collection items.

Is there even a better way to do this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards

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Oh no don’t do this!

Add a link or text field to your blog post collection. When you want a Collection List blog post teaser item to redirect to a static page, put the full url of the page in that field.

Now, in your collection list item, add two links: one will be set to the Current CMS blog post node, the other will be set using the link you’ve put in the new field, that’s directing to the static page.

Now add a conditional visibility: the first link will be “visible if the new field IS NOT SET”, the second will be “visible if the new field IS SET”. Soyou only have 1 link per item, and it’s always to one you want.

You can craft a different strategy using that logic.

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Thank you very much @vincent! I did not think of this before and I will definitely try that.
However, if you search on Google for the (smaller) blog post, the site will still rank and people will not be redirected to the bigger article, right?

Thank you very much and best regards