Collection Item not picking up style of collection list

I am taking over this website and am new to designing with CMS in the Designer. I’ve added a collection list - Diamond- on the Sponsors page and have applied appropriate filters to the collection list (item must be = Sponsor Level → Diamond. The the item (1053 Gallery) shows up in the designer but is not styled at all. Style should be exactly the same as Collection List - Platinum.

Read only: Webflow - AMR

@Stan Can you maybe assist please?

hi @AMR_Artists_Inc what I see from your image the collection with filter Diamond (1053 Gallery) is there. when you change filter on your other collection to “Diamond” all works as expected. All you have to do to display data is add elements like an image, a heading etc and link them to collection. Another option is to copy your collection you have already on page and change only the filter condition. :man_shrugging:

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Thank you so much Stan!!!