Collection infinite animation

I’d like to have a one-row list of images from the left edge of the viewport to the right, and this list should scroll in infinite loops. All images are stored in the collection. Now I have 22 images, but nobody knows, how many images I’ll have later. Is it possible to do this with Webflow? Thank you.

Hi @Chekanov,

You could do this with the pagination feature if it is individual items within a collection. If you are using the Multi-image field on a template page, I am not sure if this would work.

However, you are still limited to 100 items per collections list. So that is your limit!

BTW, welcome to the Webflowian community!

Thank you for welcoming )

Yes, I have individual items. Can I animate the pagination?

Hi @Chekanov,

With some custom code you can. Pagination doesnt have native animation more than just clicking a button.

You will still be limited to 100 items on that scroll tho.

@QA_Brandon, thank you.

With some custom code you can.

Any idea where to start? :slight_smile:

I found this article, however, I have no idea how to implement it into my webflow site.

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