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Collection image upload freezing

happens often … i get thru a few images then one will just sit there with upload arrow and do nada…
had it a while back with safari as well

cleared cache etc

have to closeout WF and reopen… gettn old

@Brando i saw an old topic on this from feb 2017… thoughts?

out of 80 images (70-80kb each) bout 10 times…

Hi @ROOSTER thanks for the heads up.

Can you confirm that you’ve tried using an incognito mode window? Also, can you give me your read-only link so I can further investigate?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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@PixelGeek i didnt go incognito mode… at @Brando suggestion i ditched safari few days back and went chrome… failed to place incognito at top of check list as a bit of a newbie and thats my bad. if im honest id say i was in get ish done mode… cleared cache and folded in the close/reopen of wf into my workflow. i was replacing bunch of images with smaller files… at this point i have all my images into collections as needed… i think, but will def be adding as our biz and product grows.

and thank you wf cats as always!

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glad to help. :slight_smile: just to make sure, image uploading is working for you now?

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@PixelGeek im good… cant confirm its not continuing since it was happn after say 8 uploads bac to bac…

but light uploads all good

@PixelGeek ill make sure to keep an eye out and try incognito if it reoccurs … and report back!



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