Collection grid


I’m trying to achive a grid like this:

I want to use items from two collections where collection A is random order and collection B is only one item. I tried adding seven collections one to each place but it feels it gonna be a mess to maintain that.

Anyone have any ideas to make this or perhaps some variant to it?


There is no way to randomize items on a dynamic list yet.

But you can build this grid with multiple dyn lists.

Orange are columns elements, blue are dyn lists.

For each list you can also add filters on switches (featured etc) to control a bit what you want to see there and easily change that quite often (passing various switches on and off)

Thanks @vincent

I tried that and tried other solutions as well but I think I’ll have to go with that again.

Or are we taking about different things?


No, I was totally wrong :slight_smile:

But it’s a case of “I was wrong” that is totally cool :smiley: I have immediate usage for the random sort order!

Thanks for showing me!

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So I guess that if you use my grid and set every A list to randomize, you end up with nodes potentially showing several times?

Yes I think so. I maybe gonna try this approach, using a featured switch. So if client have 30 items with the switch on I can set each list to start from 1, 5, 10, 15 and so on. If I’m correct each list should be random within the span of 5. What do think, gonna work?

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