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Collection export/import duplicated existing data

Hello, hope somebody can help me with this. I may have done something wrong here but haven’t read, or found a way of getting around this.

I imported a CSV file of data into a collection, made some adjustments in Webflow collection set, then exported the same collection as a CSV file and added a few rows and made a few adjustments to some, then re-imported it. I ended up with a double up of data, every item that was in the export was created again on the re-import = duplicates. Is this what I should expect or is there a way of stopping this from happening?

Looking at the CSV that got exported, there is no ID column, so I guess that’s why it happened.


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Yep. If you wanted to work offline with data you already uploaded, change it, and upload your changes, you would need to use the API.

Thanks for that. I’m guessing you’re referring to here

Happy to do my own research into this, but any chance you can you elaborate, or suggest a method that you use with Webflow to speed things up for me?


I have my own databases, servers, and apps. I normally manage data via API’s. So it depends where and what you store your data in, or apps you use, etc.

You could look at using Google Sheets, or Airtable for example, and then something like Zapier to bridge those products to the webflow api. Zaps (a predefined integration) exist in Zapier.


Great! Thanks, I’ll look into those.

Cheers :+1:

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