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Collection Display Irregularities with Previewer and Published Page (caused by filters?)

I seem to have issues regarding displaying a collection list where the preview in Webflow looks different than the published site.

When I tested this further, I found that it seemed to have been caused when I added a filter to filter the collection list by a “category”.

This is the preview of the a Category template page with a collection list with a filter. [see below]

This is a screen shot of the published page. You can see the first “Latest Posts” widget looks inconsistent to the above. However the widget directly below looks correct because I removed the filter. [see below]

Does anyone know why that might be or how to fix this?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - *Rabbit University

Here is the published site: *Rabbit University

Thank you in advance!

Hey @astoria

Since your item was alone, it shrunked because of the diminished size of the parent I think.
If you set the sizing of your flex child to Grow if possible, it seems to solve it :slight_smile: