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Collection display in a slideshow

For a portfolio site I would like to create a slideshow, that my client can acces through the CMS. Is it possible to display the content of a collection in a slideshow?

Yes. On each slide of a Slideshow component, you can place a collection list that’s limited to 1 item and set up to display n different items. You kind of have to determine a defined number of slides though.

If each list is sorted by date of added items, the most recent element will enter the slider and the oldest will be pushed out of it.

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Dear Vincent,

Thank you for your reply! Do I understand it right, that I need one collection for each slide? So I cannot put several images for a slideshow in the same collection?

My client has got 5 disciplines, within those disciplines, up to 5 different series of works, and within thoses series up to 10 works to show. That would make a total of 250 collections. In that case it’s probably better I give her access to the designer?


No :slight_smile: Sorry I haven’t been clear enough.

You have one collection for all your slides. Call it “Slides”. And for example for each slide you have one main image and all the content you need to put on the slide too, overlaying the image or being placed around: text, other images, links… you name it.

Then on each slide you’ll place a different COLLECTION LIST pointing to the same collection.

The collection for the first slide is set like this:

The collection for the next slide is set like this:

The collection on the 3rd slide is set like this:

That’s for a 3 slides slider. The last 3 of my records are displayed in this 3 slides slider.

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