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Collection deletion - purchasing of basic subscr

Dear sirs

I’m trying to purchase basic subscription with webflow but it’s not possible - only CMS subscription is selectable. I have deleted all references to collections but still I cannot select basic subscription.

PLEASE HELP as I really would like to get the site online now.

Best, Gitte Kamuk.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello @Gittekamuk

You still have one collection in your project and that’s why you’re not able to select the non cms option.

You are right - but it’s not possible to delete it. It’s prompting “Cannot delete this collection as it is used in bindings”. Problems is I cannot find any bindings. Can you help me where I can find these bindings and remove them, so that I can delete the collection…

Hi @Gittekamuk

It looks like you have a symbol called project-collection that has a collection list bound to this collection:

Once you delete this symbol, or remove the collection list from the symbol, you should be able to delete the collection as expected.

Hope this helps!

Thanks alot Brando - problem solved!! :slight_smile:

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