Collection cross reference

I have a collection title Gears, in each Gear I have a collection titled Shop and a collection titled Tags. The problem I have is when I select a multi-reference for Shop in Gear it doesn’t automatically show up under the Shop collection. I have to manually add the products. This feels like duplicate work.

Here is my public share link:

How many shops can a product have? I’m asking this because you need ‘Reference Field’ and not ‘Multi-reference Field’.

One work around would be to show the multi-referenced shops in the product page.

Thanks for getting back to me. A product (Gear) can have multiple Shops. I created a quick video that better helps explain what I am trying to do

I know what you mean, but you’re seeing it the wrong way.

Multi-reference on collections don’t populate content between each other they are there to show referenced content. So, if you want to show products on a shop page that are available on that specific shop you just need to use the multi-reference on the shop page.

Hope this makes sense.