Collection CMS options and dates - how to localize?

We have dates in our news/blog collection, and noticed they don’t translate. Also, we have a number of popup options, and those also don’t translate. There seems to be no where to do so. Or? Am I missing something? Did these get left out?

If you make you pop-ups symbols and add overrides on the text fields(I don’t even think you need overrides )you probably can translate those. I did that with the Finsweet cookie modal.

As for your other question , did you use the prefixed Webflow dates? Switch that over to something that is universal? No days and months written , but something like 24/12/2023 or 12/24/2024? I don’t know if these can be translated , but this can be a option .

Do you mean a date field, or a date written within text? Date fields don’t appear to localize, so you may have to localize it yourself with custom code using javascript’s Intl.DateTimeFormat() function.

I haven’t tested a working solution, but here’s a writeup on how that would work;

If you mean dates within text, that adds complication in simply the process of finding them with your script.

Here if you mean an option field, I’ve seen mention in the forum that these aren’t yet translated either. You could possibly replace those with a ref to a collection [ not ideal, I know ], otherwise you’re left to wait, or you could get creative with conditional visibility or custom code.

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Hello. Exactly right on both; date field and option field. And, wow… so they are missing. Pretty massive oversight on Webflow’s part. Starting to feel like a paid beta. I fall much into the “no code” camp of hopeful dreamers, so… I hope it’s something they roll out soon. Thank you. At least I can stop endlessly searching for it, and if a company owner asks I can just confidently say “not possible.”

I’d expect CMS options field translation to be solved eventually, I’m not sure why it’s not already supported. I’d assume it’s related to implementation issues in how options were built, and changes they need to make to easily support alt locales. From a data modeling standpoint, the options field type seems to be an odd child.

But as long as you are < 5 ( cms plan ) or < 10 ( business plan ) on your ref fields you should be able to use a Collection and ref field as a good workaround. I generally do that anyway for the added field support, sort order control, etc.

For date fields… it’s important but I see the hurdles WF is facing there.
I’ve some notes on this here-

Numeric formats like 10.000,23 v 10,000.23 is another problem, and currencies are even more problematic.

I’m hoping Webflow’s emphasis on “Localization” rather than “Translation” is an indication these things are in the works, but they are tough nuts to crack. I don’t see an obvious way to design a one-size-fits-all solution for these issues.

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