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I am showing a list of PR releases as single lines made up of various fields from the collection, however I would like to display a single image at the top of each group of records separated by company - ie the company releasing the release.
So instead of eg:

IBM - 12/12/17 - IBM are great - Download
IBM - 12/12/17 - IBM are brilliant- Download
IBM - 12/12/17 - IBM are just wonderful - Download

I would like:
[IBM Logo]
12/12/17 - IBM are great - Download
12/12/17 - IBM are brilliant- Download
12/12/17 - IBM are just wonderful - Download
[Next Company logo]
12/12/17 - Next company are great - Download etc

Any bright ideas?

You could look at having a collection for each press release that has an image/logo on the record. Create a record in the collection that only has a logo. Create your other press release records and don’t put a logo in them.

When you create your list on the page, populate it by sort by company and then some other sort order (that some other sort order would always select your logo line as the first item in the list (for the company)). Each line will have a place for a logo, but will only show it for the one you have it in. Might appear indented under the logo a bit…not sure how that will play with the list items that don’t have logo under the one that does. Possibly try this and if not working well, provide a share link to your site ( Thanks!

Good shout, Joe. Unfortunately expecting my client to remember which release to put the logo on may be an issue!

No joy for now then. Might want to post on this thread to give it a +1.

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