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Collection Archive

I’m creating an “event” collection archive page. One event is “featured” based on a switch field. Next, I’m listing “upcoming events” by adding a filter that says that the “end date is after or equal to today”. It works. Now this is where the problem is:

In the Event Collection Archive section, I’ve added a filter that ensures that the “end date is equal to or before 1 day in the past”. There are 2 collection items that should be displaying. Their “end date” is from 2019.

Do collection items automatically expire or am I doing something wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only:

It’s currently set to after.

You might be looking at the “more upcoming events” section. That is set to “after”.

The “archive of events” section is set to before. Although I have two events with an end date of 2019, nothing is displaying. Screen shot attached.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.09.25 PM

Hi Denise,
If you remove the Conditional Visibility setting from the collection teaser element in the Archived Events list it should fix the issue.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 9.43.03 PM

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Yes!!! Thank you Chris! Conditional visibility was hiding in there! Conditional visibility vs filters— I’ll need to get more learned up on when to use each of those. Cheers!

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Hey Denise,

Looks like you got it sorted, but in case it helps I think I implemented similar filters in one of my sites. You’re welcome to dive in and have a look here.

Let me know if it helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, Andy. Cool! I’m sure that conditional visibility and filters come in handy for lots of folks around events. I love how you use the same space to display each.

Thanks for sharing! Cheers!