Collection architecture help needed Multi Language


I would like some tips for creating my collection (s). Currently I have built my collections in such a way that I have a parent collection and a child collection. So for example: An illustration collection and an illustration description collection. I needed this because I need to show a Dutch title on the .nl domain and a English title on the .com domain. I also thought Google wouldn’t like the whole visibility and would index the website weirdly if I have English and Dutch text on the same page.

So collection example:


Illustrations description NL:
Title: Honden portret
Category: Huisdieren

Illustrations description EN:
Title: Dog portrait
Category: Pets


Every time I add an illustration to my website, I need a total of 3 records for this. Since you only have 2000 total records… I don’t want to surpass this quickly.

Does Google also accept it if I turn off the English and Dutch titles with Javascript using visibility rules? And how does Google index my website if I make the collection like this?