Collection and folder with the same URL

Is it possible to name a folder the same as a collection list url?

I have a collection named careers so every item in it will have the url like careers/vacancy-items.
I have also created a page called careers where I added the collection to display all the vacancies.

Now I want to create 3 static pages and I would like them to have the following url

I tried to create a folder called careers, but webflow says that the url is already used.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you.

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Hi Arianna :wave:

I’m facing a same kind of problem. I guess that a folder just cannot use the same URL-structure as a CMS. It it kind of understandable because of the possible conflicts.

I came up with one way one could achieve the end result we are after. I’ve yet to try this because it makes updating a bit trickier.

You could make your static pages articles in your collection. You could have these pages as symbols and use conditional visibility to show them only when a specific toggle is on. Of course the article section should be hidden when some of the static pages is shown.

To ease the updating you could make hidden or draft pages with the symbols.

Once again I haven’t tried this yet but there’s one way you could do this.