Collecting DOB for Mailchimp integration

I’m having trouble with this webflow form + date picker custom code + mailchimp integration. I want a date picker UX for selecting the DOB. Currently I’m using this:

I understand I need to match these mailchimp fields to the webflow form fields.

But it won’t let me use the tag ‘DATE’ - which is used in the custom code. If I change the webflow form field to BIRTHDAY then it breaks the custom code. I don’t even know where to begin to change DATE to BIRTHDAY in the custom code.

The issue then is that birthday isn’t submitted and recorded on mailchimp. In this screenshot “08/02” shows me falling back to a plain field for entry. But this would be terrible UX having to type “08/02”.

My client needs to collect birthdays to run birthday campaigns. So any suggestions and ideas to solve this using Webflow is greatly appreciated.

Surely someone here has collected DOBs for mailchimp sign ups using webflow before.

SOS :skull_and_crossbones:!


I’m have the same issue. I’ve followed the instructions here to hook up the Webflow form to Mailchimp:
I’m trying to pull in a birthday as well since my client needs to capture this, but when I test the sign-up form it pulls in the name and email, but not the birthday. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi I have a workaround!

You can check it out here (scroll down):
For our purposes we only really needed the month to run birthday campaigns for each month.

  1. Create a dropdown field for “BIRTH MONTH” in Webflow.
  2. Add a field for “BIRTH MONTH” in Mailchimp.
  3. Repeat if you need to collect the “DAY”.
  4. Now you can filter your audience by their birth month or birth day in Mailchimp.

I would have liked to use a UI date picker window but this seems like the simplest solution atm.

Let me know how you go!

Cheers I was thinking something like that

Nice website too :wink: