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Collect other input fields (for example emails) on Password Utility Page

Hi there,

Wondering whether it’s possible to collect the responses you receive in a password utility form. I’ve noticed that you can add extra input field into a password utility form, however! The results do not appear in Form results in the dashboard.

Any ideas?

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@parker Do you know if this is possible? You seem to be knowledgeable in this area.

Hey @rmjjkj - thanks for the mention!

As far as I know, you cannot collect form information through the password page form.

However, you could use two forms in order to collect additional information before the visitor sees the password form! Here’s how that could work:

  1. Visitor fills out a regular form with normal information and clicks a button that says ‘next’ or ‘continue’
  2. Interaction to show the password form is triggered when the visitor submits the first form (by clicking the ‘next’ or ‘continue’ button)
  3. Visitor enters the password and is redirected to the protected page

One thing to note here: if a visitor fills out the first form, then they don’t have a password or get the password wrong, their information will still be submitted via the first form.

Hopefully that helps with a path forward! :slight_smile: