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Collaborative Drawing Solution

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has any ideas for this problem: I need to host a collaborative drawing solution on my site- i need to be able to put up a photograph and have visitors to the sight be able to draw/graffiti on top of it. Does anyone know of any available apps or solutions to this?
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Hi, I don’t have one specifi to recommend but I can help you a bit with the keywords. Whiteboard often designate exactly that, a collaborative drawing space. So “Embeddable Whiteboard” is a good start on Google:

thanks vincent. im struggling with those embeds as they dont allow me any control over the whiteboard in terms of when it refreshes and people not being able to replace or remove a photo i place on it. the ideal scenario would be to be able to have a transparent whiteboard laid over a picture i can place on the page using webflow. anyone have any ideas how id go about creating that? id really appreciate any ideas. thanks!

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