Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Collaboration with a tutor on a website project - 2 month / 2 hour /week or more

I am a professional CSS designer looking for WEBFLOW wizard who would be willing to help me break smoothly into the WEBFLOW app while starting my new webpage project.
I do have an existing existing lay-out in Adobe In-Design format that contains following features to be implemented in the website:.

  • must be responsive/scalable website working for desktop and mobile devices

  • using specific fonts and design - Adobe font

  • integrating 4 video clips - provided in optimized compression,

has Lightbox grid with pop out pictures
optional - dimming out the rest of the web page when video or picture pops/play

  • Consists of front index page with links to 22 static subpages that contain the lightbox galleries

  • otional - dimming out the rest of the web page.

  • Contains standard widgets for social sharing

I do have webflow account and domain and server to upload the exported file. Please, email me for details at if you are interested.
Hourly pay as per time scheduled negotiable. Zoom or skype conferences. PST time zone - I am in Greater SF Bay area.