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Colibri Template - Edit Pop-Up?

Hey there,

I’m trying to edit the Colibri pop-up when you click the floating Call button (bottom right).

I’ve tried a view methods including opacity and making them visible, but still no luck.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!


I suggest contacting the template creator which should be listed on the template page. Most of these templates are made by 3rd party developers.

Hi @quantive

Some of the templates would benefit from mini-guides to some of these hidden elements!

Here’s how to edit this one:

  • Open the symbol ‘Call Back’ by double clicking on it in the navigator.
  • Select ‘Call Back Wrapper’ and make it Display:Block (currently :none)
  • Change it’s opacity to 100% and edit away!
  • Reverse those visibility and opacity steps to hide it again

Hope that helps!

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