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Coding Question

I have a directory that has images being constantly uploaded into it, I want to create a web page that will display the last 10 images from the directory? Any ideas? Thanks.

@dmk could you specify what it is you’re looking for and how this directory works? Are you using the CMS or is this a different solution?

Hi, no I am not using CMS. Essentially I have a camera that uploads images to a directory on Hostmonster, so this directory has hundreds of images all with a typical time stamp as a file name, I just want to create a web page that will display the latest 10 images, or similar. I can access this directory using the cPanel but don’t seem to be able to access it with a specific url, so this is the first issue I am having to get sorted first.

ah, I see. So using an iFrame isn’t an option? This sounds like a custom code sort of a thing. Not my strong suit yet. Is there a webhook option? If that’s the case, you could easily use zapier or a similar product to pull in the images with their information.

Thank you, I will look into that, I had mot heard of that before.

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