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Coder's hell or heaven?

I get that the “non-coder” type can make use of a tool like Webflow for building something “easily”, but are there any upsides for people that can implement designs by simply marking content, like in a HTML-based template system, building mobile-first with CSS / ES using frameworks or just excellent coding? Any upside? What is it or what could such be in your opinion?

Rapid prototyping is an area I find it excels at plus it is great for standard marketing sites. Most of the time I need more so it won’t kick my code editor and programming to the curb. Why not play with it and see where/if it fits into your workflow for anything.

I’m one of those that tried Webflow and now I’m moving on. CSS-design, when you know code, is ultraquick and interactive and unfortunately Webflow in its mission to “make things simple” hides away the code so you can’t be quick.

There are other apps that do a better job of prototyping and leave the door open what CMS backend to use.

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