Code working on designer view but not on published

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to implement the scroll effect @PixelGeek has shown here: How to Webflow: Text reveal masking on scroll - YouTube

It works perfectly on the About page of my website, but for some reason doesn’t work when published on the homepage. Here is the published and read only link. Thanks everyone for your help

Here is my site Read-Only:

and here is the published:

“position: fixed” will not work under a parent element that has a transform CSS.

Webflow interaction will create these transform CSS automatically on the “element trigger”.

To solve your problem, you need to structure your project so that all the fixed text elements are not under elements with an interactive bind.

Btw, I do a little test. It seems like there’s no problem when the target “element trigger” on the fixed text elements itself.


@Smith.S Oh, I had no idea about that, thank you. I think it works now

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