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Code Not Working After Upload


I recently updated my webflow site and I’m experiencing two issues never encountered before.

1.) My background video no longer displays.
2.) All of my interactions stopped working.
3.) The CSS I’ve assigned to text links has stopped working

In the preview of my website and on the webflow server everything is working correctly. But once I export my code it no longer works. I’ve read the articles related to background videos and none of them where very helpful. Any thoughts on what may be causing this?


I’m guessing you have 1 background video ?

About 4 sections down… where it says Soundcloud, Photos, Videos ?

I see people dancing.

Do you have another background video ?

I have just the one video, correct.

@will_evans looks like the problem has been solved. Do let us know if there are any further problems.

I’m not sure how or why, but everything is working. I made sure to clear my cache and reset my browser before making my initial post. Thank you.

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