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Code generator, and more options for triggers

Hello.Thanks for your university, I am actually building my custom website by the grace of your university, me who did not know nothing in this field. Thank you very much again. I hope that I will be able to launch it at least at the end of this year. But, I have two challenging questions, I did a lot of research, but can not find satsfaction. Therefore, I have two question for you that is really important to me. There are the following: can I place a “buy now” button for checking out right in the home page; I have see that no where in any webflow ecommerce built on youtube… Also, I find that the triggers are really restricted; because I would like to create an interaction where the trigger will be an element in my collection list, but I can not do so… also… may be it is three questions, sorry about that… I would like to create a code generator to create some ticket numbers; and I understand that I could do so if they was more option in the triggers & animations; I would not have to go to pay someone else to write a code generator for me… so, my question then is, does my option are limited because I have a free plan, and does a paid plan offers more options for triggers & animations. Very important to me. Thank you very much for answering. I hope my ecommerce will be one which Webflow would pride of one day. Thank you again.