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Code examples using Webflow API?

Hello! I’m new to the web flow community. I’ve been using Airtable as a database (it’s great) and using its API with node js. I’ve written quite a bit of code for other projects on the server side and have gotten a lot of great business logic embedded in our systems using both node and airtable.

I have another project where I want to have an easy to use and smart interface into another airtable database that another one of my teams can use.

My goal is to update a webflow page with data coming from Airtable and vice versa.

I haven’t been able to locate code examples to help me ferret through this process – updating a collection directly from data pulled from airtable, or updating airtable from data sent through the webflow interface.

Can anybody make any recommendations?

(The airtable piece is incidental. It could be ANY database, really…)

Thanks in advance!



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Did you try Zapier??

Does anyone have answer to this that isn’t Zapier? The API docs are surprisingly thin and the error messages don’t really help. A solid tutorial or walk through would be highly appreciated but a google search doesn’t turn up anything…

Yeah, I would also like to get more information about the API. May some video tutorials and better documentation.