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Code editor doesn't accept smoothing

The following CSS properties are marked with red by the editor:


Why is this? The properties work as intended and are perfectly usable.

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This is a great question!

Are the CSS properties wrapped in the appropriate tags?

There is a helpful forum thread about this kind of topic that exemplifies the appropriate CSS structure in order for font smoothing to work.

Hopefully, this helps and please feel free to reach back out with any more questions.

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Yes they are. As I mentioned, smoothing (antialiased) is working as expected on the published site. It’s the code editor that for some reason marks it with red as if it was incorrect.

Awesome, thanks for the clarification.

Even though the code is still being published, my guess that the marks are coming up in Red is because of how font-smooth properties are not accepted as CSS standards.

Mozilla explains this well as to why it has been removed from CSS standards if you’re interested in gaining more insights into the reasons.

Nonetheless, if you have to use it then there won’t be any problem in continuing to publish the code even though those errors display in the code editor.

Hi @enriquejr99, one thing to note with custom code, Webflow does not validate code put into the the embed.

In certain circumstances there can be code conflicts are using parameters with brackets {{ }} but in general, we are just publishing what you put there in the embed.

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