.co.uk to.com for "global reach"

Hi I am working with a company with a .co.uk address

their business has two distinct product groups “sound equipment” and “test equipment”

they have approached me to split the site we have been working on so the sound equipment ( which has more international sales) can be found on a .com

the model they are proposing is that sound.com handles sound equipment and company.co.uk keep hold of the test equipment…

the problem here is that they want to share news, downloads, support and contacts between both sites

it has been suggested that I have 3 sites sound.com, company.co.uk and test.com

search for “sound” or “test” would bring you to the respective “right place” and then you would navigate to the shared company site for the news and support etc…

a second was to have 2 sites one sound.com and one company.co.uk then only have the sound stuff on sound.com and link back and forward for the shared stuff

lastly - and this is the question for the forum (thanks for bearing with)
can they simply redirect from sound.com to company.co.uk

so they have the perceived global web address they desire

will and search engines find sound.com which would essentially be a single page?

looking for advice here


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