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CNAME Setup Problems


I was wondering if you could help me with the setup of my CNAME records for a clients website:

I have not setup using the clients choice of provider before:
They seem to use different terminology for everything!

I have added the 2 A records required but now am getting an error message when entering the CNAME:

I have attached 2 shots of the entering form and error message, and one of the current settings.

If anyone could point where I am going wrong I would very grateful! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time,

Paul Giles

Hey @PaulG.

Try to add a “.” after

So :

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Thanks for your reply.

Hmmm tried that and a different error message…

Can you screenshot this section in settings for me please ?

No worries…


edit: I just turned off SSL and tried again, same result.

Wait so you want ssl or not ? :smiley:

Yes I do! But thought I would try without to see if it would change the result :slight_smile:

Ok so :smiley:

You are not pointing to the good A records and Cname.
The one you are using are the default one.

Have a look at this

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Also in my opinion those 2 lines shouldn’t exist on your config (might be wrong, save/screenshot before deleting if you can)


Thanks again for your help.

I have read and changed the values. I think the trick was to change that existing CNAME record that you highlighted. I also got rid of the spare A record.

Fingers crossed this will show to be linked to my Webflow site soon (still unlinked atm).


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you can check your DNS status here:

From what I can see, your old A-record and CNAME are still there. Try asking your registrars support team for help with this. They may be able to assist you better since we are not familiar with their setup.


Thanks Nelson. I will reach out to them and see if they can help.

I’m hoping it’s just slow to update!


Thanks for all your help guys it seems that it was just very slow to update!

I always struggle with this part of the project, so much pressure when you’re this close to the finish line!

Hopefully the client will like it and you do to! Here’s the link just incase you want another peak:

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Hi @PaulG

Yep, that’s a really nice site, a sense of prestige achieved - and the developments :heart_eyes:

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thanks a lot. looks good. also been having CNAME probs with setup so i wanted to say thanks to all who responded here. I need to find sarms forum, do you know where?


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