CNAME record issue

For a client i have to connect the domain to the website i build on webflow.

I had contact with the domain provider and they said all was done great and ready to go.

But i still have an issue with CNAME when i see it in the Webflow settings. Do i just have to wait (already more than 24h) or change something?

Hey @Quintin, your CNAME-Value ist wrong.
You entered “” but it needs to be “”.

Hi Mirko, thanks for the quick reaction.

Is it possible I have to enter a ‘.’ after it so

No, I don’t think so. It’s just “”, but I see that you already did it right:

Now it works, doesn’t it?

No, still not working

Since you already had a WWW value set (and I don’t see a TTL value in your screen shot) it could take up to 24 hours for the new value for WWW to propagate around the web. Give it some time and then try to confirm it in Webflow site settings again.