CMS/Zapply question for pulling data

Hey there,

i’m working for a new client, which wants to easily be able to share their new boat vessel designs with a chart/table with the vessels information (length etc.)

Today they use wordpress and can easilty upload a vessels and update the chart/table per boat upload.

is it possible to make a connection between a Excel file, the CMS page’s chart/table and so on?

to clearify, i wonder if the end user simply could upload a picture, add the data in excel, and have it show up correctly per cms item?

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If it’s only to upload new data, then Webflow’s CMS Import will work perfectly for this use case. Upload the image, set the uploaded image’s URL in the Excel file, export to CSV, and then import in the CMS.

However, if the client wants to update existing vessel designs, then you can’t use Webflow’s CMS Import.

You might want to checkout You can update CMS items with a CSV upload, or if your client doesn’t mind switching to Airtable instead of Excel, then you can sync Airtable to Webflow directly.