CMS workflow - creating new pages from different collections

HI Everybody,

I am currently working on converting an interactive pdf into a website, which is a bit frustrating :slight_smile: So, basically, each page should have a very similar design, but the content should be different on each one. For example: page one has a collection list wrapper with 3 elements, page 4 has a collection wrapper with 5 elements and different content.

I am currently struggling making a new page without needing to recreate the whole design each time. Is there anything that Iā€™m missing to make the workflow more efficient?


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A common approach to avoid this is to place a div at the root and make all your elements a child of it. This could be called a wrapper. Then you can copy it and paste it on a new page.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your fast reply! I have very limited code skills. I am not sure I understood what you mean by root. Could you please give an example?

Right now the elements are in div

First element in the body.