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CMS with Slider breaking width when responsive

Hey everyone!

I’m making a testimonial slider that auto plays. I made it work as I wanted but when it goes responsive, the width breaks and creates a small, but annoying, horizontal bar on the whole page.

I tested what was wrong by deleting single components (deleted the sections, containers etc), and I found out that the CMS wrapper, list and item are the reason the width is breaking. I removed the class I created for each and left the default, but I still got the problem.

I have another slider on the page that works fine.

Is there a fix for this? Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s the project I’m working on. The testimonials I’m talking about are just below the form.
If you open the preview, it will work as intended. The live version is where is breaking. Reduce the browser width to see the horizontal bar.

Testimonial CMS