CMS Video URL changes when exporting

Hi. When I enter the various Video URLs directly into the webflow CMS, it works great.

However, when I export and then make changes to other areas of the database (in either Excel or Google Sheets); and then re-upload the database, everything translates … EXCEPT THE VIDEO URL.

It actually leaves it blank.

Any thoughts?

Here is my site Read-Only:

The last I checked this about 18 months ago, the video URLs could be imported, e.g. a youtube URL, and as long it was the correct format it would appear in the the field. However, it would not complete the Embedly processing that’s necessary for it to work with Webflow’s player approach.

You had to import your CMS items ( or API-create them ), and then in the designer or editor, you had to go through each of them, click on the field, add-then-remove a trailing space, wait for Embedly to process the URL change, and then save the record.

It was ugly, and it may not have changed since then.

If you’re still seeing something similar your best bet may be to skip the video fields entirely and use a URL or text field in conjunction with your own player, so that this isn’t needed.

One of my preferred approaches is to store just the YouTube ID, and from that I can build both the player and obtain the thumbnail for previews.

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Thanks Michael. Very helpful. Per your suggestion, I ended up just using a URL Link field versus the Video URL field and it works great.

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