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CMS video embed not displaying with VPN turned on

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with the CMS video embed (I think?). Essentially whats going on is I have portfolio items that either show an image, or a video. In the CMS I have it so if Video = 1, show the video block with the youtube embed. If Video = 0, then hide that div and show the featured image.

Link to Webflow:

It was working / is working in my Webflow designer, but when published to my domain ([]) the video embed disappears. Inspecting the element shows and additional body and html tags (?) as well as the video not being able to post via Any thoughts?


Hi @dsgnr, thanks for the info on the cms video embed. I am happy to take a look, but first, could you help to share a screenshot of what element is showing in designer, but not in the published site?

Thanks in advance!

thanks @cyberdave but I actually figured out what was going on. I had a VPN active that actually prevent the embed from showing up interestingly enough. When I disabled the VPN the div started displaying again.

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Hi @dsgnr, thanks, that is good info to know. Thanks for sharing that.