CMS Validation Issue - Responsive Image Creation

Hi all,

I had started running into an issue where in Webflow editor mode this warning screen would pop up.

It’s a relatively new issue and started happening a few weeks ago.
The warning only appears in the Editor view and not the Designer view.
Everything in CMS works as before, and we have no trouble creating new posts, editing old posts, and whatnot.
I checked the posts with the warning, and they don’t seem to have anything different from the rest.

It would be appreciate it if anyone can let me know how to find out what the issue is and resolve it.

Thank you!

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I’ve seen this issue before and in my opinion it’s just a Webflow bug. It disappeared after some time and clicking on “Fix now” and it didn’t really cause us any issues other than that so I think it should be fine.

On the note that you want to inform someone on this, it might be worth a shot checking with webflow support rather than here, cheers!

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Thank you for your answer @marko-ninja.
I’ll def look into the support.


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