CMS Validation Error-

Hi Fellows,

I am getting a validation error when editing a CMS item.
See video:

I have tried logging in on an Incognita tab with same result.
The erro only persists on 2 items.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hey Daniel, can you check each field inside the items that aren’t saving and make sure the formatting is correct? For example, correct date formats, no empty mandatory fields etc.

Thanks Sarwech,

Checked. The only mandatory fields are the Name and Slug.
There are no dates fields.

Hmm OK. I know in the video you mentioned creating a new item works. Have you tried creating new items with the exact same values as the ones that are currently failing?

I was able to export the collection “Projects”, delete the items with error and import only the items with error with no problem.
So, it must have been a corruption somewhere.

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Glad you got it resolved!