CMS Template Page Not Duplicating and Not connecting to CMS

Example of a section page that functions properly > If you click on one of the project images you go to a project-specific page >

Here is an example of a functioning project-specific >

This is a new Page/ Section I created by copying another section and tweaking it. This page works properly but when you click on the project-specific page links >

It pulls from the CMS Entitlement Template that I copied – but nothing shows up - page is blank - yet I copied it. See the example of the blank template/CMS here >

My question is, how can I copy a template so that it shows up with content populated or make the CMS work? Or do I need to completely remake a new template page template from scratch?

I do not know webflow – I inherited the site and learning as I go.

Any support is appreciated!

Hi Mary,

CMS template pages are created when you create a collection. You can’t copy the contents from one template page to another because those elements are usually CMS-bound. Getting around this is a bit of work… duplicate all of the old elements, unbind them all, cut-and-paste the unbound elements to the new page, re-bind them.

Right now your Entitlements page is blank except for a nav, which is what you’re seeing.

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