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CMS Template Page - Item disappears

Hello! I think this is probably a newbie question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The short of it is I am trying to replace an image in an existing CMS Page with another image. When I do, it doesn’t work. The image disappears.

Here is a 1 minute video

Hey @David_Womack

The way you did the binding of the image to the cms client logo image looks correct. The reason it disappears is that for the CMS item you were looking at (Extanet - B…) there is no client assigned to that reference field so therefore no image can be displayed. The element appearing in the upper left is not because of any CSS styling that’s changed. It’s just a default position for empty cms bound elements.

If you are able to share the read-only link for the project, I can verify if this is true. Thanks in advance.

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@matthewpmunger Thank you for the feedback. You helped solve it for me! I’m not sure how I binded it incorrectly. It may dawn on me later…