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CMS template page autoload


I’m trying to build a standard blog section on my site (see images). I wonder if there is a way to to have the the CMS template page load the latest blog post directly after you press on the blog tab in the navbar.

At the moment you will land on a static page with the CMS collection list after clicking blog in the navbar. Blogs usually load the latest post directly… Also I want the posts to stack vertically (infinite scroll), is that possible?

Axel, Sweden

Yes, just insert a collection in your navlink and filter it to always show the last one added and just to show one element.

I haven’t seen this behaviour but if you can share some examples of this would be great.

It is possible but you need custom code for this.

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@aaronocampo Thanks a lot! It worked :slight_smile: But how would you filter it to always show the latest? I can’t find that exact function…

Here you go:

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@aaronocampo excellent! Thanks

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