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I recently signed up for webflow, and was playing around. I purchased CMS hosting and applied to a test project-1.

After getting a little comfortable with the interface and started working on the “real site” tried to publish the newly created project-2 to the domain name, but was not allowed to do so.

I searched the forum and there was suggestion to cancel CMS subscription from one project and apply it to the next. but when I did this, I was taken to the ordering page again and asked to re-purchase.

Appreciate any suggestions to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance…

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Yes you’re going to be charge from the day you make the new purchase and your month start from there and the other one is cancelled as well at the moment you cancel your subscription so you’re not going to be charge for the days you didn’t use it.

I purchased and used for 1 hour. then, cancelled to apply to new project.

The simple question: how do i recover my subscription that I just did earlier today?


If you cancelled the same day you’re not going to be charge or, in the worst case scenario, you’re going to be refunded that at the end of the month. If you want to re add the CMS hosting to a project just purchase a new CMS hosting subscription.

If you have more issues with this matter you can send an email to and @PixelGeek (Nelson) can help you further.

The other way is to go to to the chat in that page and ping the team there. They are really helpful.


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thanks for your feedback…

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