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CMS Structure Help

I have a CMS collection that is a collection of documents and forms for a company intranet.

Some of these docs/forms have different versions and I’ve set up my CMS structure and connected collection list design with a wonky workaround (see screenshot) of having additional version names/links options. On the front end, it’ll open a dropdown to select a version if the additional options are set up.

This was working okay but feels a little wonky and now I’m running into having a document that has more versions than I set up the collection to hold and I’d rather not just add a bunch more of the 'additional … ’ options.

One of the main reasons I did this was to save CMS space - having individual CMS items for each doc/form, even different versions was a lot and I’m trying to be conservative.
And two, to better group information - so staff aren’t looking for this specific version in a long list, they’re looking for the broad form and then can find the version they need more easily.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a better way to structure the CMS (possible reference field, idk?) that still achieves both of these. Or even just a better way to structure/set up for additional versions in the one collection list.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 150438
Front-End Design of versions

How additional options are set up in collection

Alarm bells went off in my head as soon as I read “Intranet”; as Intranets are typically only accessible by employees. If that is your use case and any of the documents are sensitive you have a potential security issue. Did you mean extranet? Either way Webflow assets are not currently a suitable storage tool for documents that need access control since none exists. I would add that using a JavasScript based “Membership” tool is not secure either.

Let me know and I will take another pass if you have no security issues.