CMS Structure for Services with Categories and Subcategory see Diagram

How would I set up a CMS structure for Digital Services with Category and Subcategory of Services

I see a number of templates with a structure for Blog posts not too much for Services
The data structure is no different than a digital agency with multiple level of services
see full size image at

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If I’m understanding the diagram correctly, you want to have a list of service categories each with their own list of subcategories. You would need two collection lists; one for the categories and one for the subcategories. Then, on the categories collection, you would add a multi reference field that links to the subcategories collection. When you make the categories collection page, you can add a collection list of the subcategories filtered by the multi reference field. Lastly, since you have a collection list for the subcategories, you can create a collection page for each of them. Webflow University has a great article on how to do this! The link is:
Multi-reference field | Webflow University.

Hi @sanjiovani100 I will suggest to thing a bit more about UX before you start as what I see on diagram, website visitor need at least 4 clicks to reach information and that is a lot. This may have big impact on expected revenue website should generate. In this case UX can be improved eg. with use of mega menu to get information about service on 2 clicks or using filters etc…


I will be setting a mega menu
I would be willing to pay someone a fair rate for setting up the structure with
each of the above having a listing grid
and collection page for each service

Hello @sanjiovani100 , i can set it for you as it is in diagram. Is it still actual project?