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CMS structure - cross reference?


This is my first post here; kinda in a hurry so excuse me if I forget to mention or post additional info!

So I’m working on my first BIG project; our company website (we are a video & film production company). Also the first time I will be using the CMS function.

So for the project pages I want to include this information:

  • Video
  • Project name
  • Additional info; rich text + pictures
  • Tags (Documentary, short movie, 2019, 2020, experimental, whatever. etc.)
  • Credits; departments + team-members.

We want to have pages for the tags, teammembers, departments (maybe); so basically these have to be CMS collections.

The problems I’m having now is:

  1. Not every movie production includes the same departments and/or teammembers.
  2. We want to credit every single person, it’s likely to have projects with >15 departments and >30 teammembers.
  3. Teammembers can work in different departments.
Credits layout

Department 1
1 - 10 teammembers

Department 2
1 - 10 teammembers

Department 3
1 - 10 teammembers

I’m having a hard time creating a structure where my colleagues can make use of the CMS Editor in a user-friendly way.

Still looking for an answer :’(