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CMS speed workarounds

Since importing and deleting CMS items can be time-consuming, especially on projects with collection items in the multi-thousands — so has anyone come up with any workarounds?

Specifically, I’m wondering if doing operations in multiple tabs could cause any problems – for example if I need to upload 4,000 records into two different collections, could I just open a tab for each and do both concurrently?

No, that could break things.

You could also explore PowerImporter for Webflow. See →

You could also explore PowerImporter for Webflow. See →

Thanks for the shoutout, @webdev.

Yes, many of my customers are using Airtable as a backend for exactly this reason. They can have as many editors as they want working simultaneously on the data, and when they are finished, they sync it to Webflow.

Thanks for the speedy reply, I appreciate it —

Could I dig a little bit more into that, though?
So I can sort of see how doing multiple import/deletion operations may cause problems (although more details from the engineering perspective would be enlightening) —— but where to draw the line?

Is it okay if I continue designing while I wait for those 1,000 items to import?
If not, should I even be using multiple tabs of Webflow at the same time? I often put windows side-by-side so I can check one page vs. another, etc…

@JudoHacker ~ Looks like a useful tool, but prohibitively priced…
I might be a woolly mammoth, but I’m quite comfortable with preparing data in Google Sheets; no limits on editors or records… Airtable is cool but, again, quite expensive for teams.