CMS sorting for upcoming and past events


I am looking for a way to sort a CMS collection. The collection consists of events of a band, which are either in the future or the past. At the top, I want the upcoming events to be displayed in ascending order. After that the past events in descending sort order. Is this possible?

I tried to describe my requirements in a graphic. Not the prettiest, but it should do the job.


Here is my public share link: LINK

Add your preview link for more help, but on the collection there are features to sort, filter.

Use two collection lists. One for future events, sorted and filtered as you like. One for past events, sorted and filtered as you like.

I tried to combine both CMS collection lists with finnsweet. This works quite well, but the order gets messed up again when I use the finnsweet load under attribute (see the shared link). The green dates are in the future and the white ones are past events.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-08 um 18.22.03

Why do you want to combine them?

If you really have a need to merge them, I’d either use custom code to simply append the items from list 2 to list 1, or you may be able to use FS tools and specify sorting.

Do you maybe have any pointers on how to append items from multiple collection-lists with custom code (instead of CMS Combine from Finsweet? I also need to manually order items in the combined list (f.e. in the same order as i populate the collection lists)