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CMS Slider: switch images automatically every X seconds

Hi Webflower

I have created a CMS-based slider using the pagination function. Many thanks to @PixelGeek for the description. In this context I have two questions:

(1) Is it possible to switch automatically between the slider images? e.g. every 5 seconds?

(2) Is it possible to switch between the pages with a a wipe gesture on a touch screen (Mobile or Tablet)?

Has anyone had any experience with this?

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Use the slide setting for autoplay and you can set the time of each slide


Thx @shokoaviv, but I haven’t created the Slider based on the slider element because the client needs to add new slides with CMS. I have used the pagination option to create the slider based on the following tutorial and a Webcast from @PixelGeek.

I’d be wondering if there is e.g. a js-script around to auto-play slides which are created bases on den CMS-pagination function?

I have prepared a sample slider for illustration purpose:

Images and text are fully CMS driven and the slides are ordered random/shuffle based on the CMS-Collection. Now, I need to implement an auto-play function and the ability to wipe between the slides on a mobile/touch screen device.

Does anyone have an idea how an auto-change of slides could be realized? :wink:

Hey Webflower

Are there any ideas around how to get the cms slider (based on cms pagination) to auto-change the sides?

Happy to discuss this and find a solution together! :wink:

Best regards, Philipp

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+1 Interesting to know.


was thinking this javascript would do the trick…

window.history.pushState('someData', 'someTitle', '')

but after trying it in the console of your cms-slider-study project, it seems that the slider widget isn’t as dynamic as i hoped

May want to check this out:

I’m interested too. +1