CMS Slider - fixed position not working properly

Hi there,

I’ve setup a CMS slider with two slide at the moment. At the moment, each slide have a background set to “not fixed” but I would like the background to be “fixed”. So I added a class to the slide containg the background and set the image position to be fixed - it works fine with the first slide, but the second slide is all grey. Am I doing something wrong ? Isn’it possible to set up one css rule for all sliders ? I’ve read some people suggested we should add one css style per slider…

Read only Link:slight_smile:

Thank you !

I’m trying to do the same thing and have the same problem.

Hi @Terence_Lui,

you might be interested by this post I made.
The workaround we found, was to use interraction to scroll an image inside the slide down with a “while scrolling down” trigger. Worked perfectely for me :slight_smile:

Hope it helps !