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CMS Slider creating URLs per slide - bad analytics

Hi all! I’m hoping to find a clever solution to an issue I’m having on a client’s site.

The homepage contains a header slider, populated with images, text, and links from a CMS collection. It’s set up as a paginated collection list showing only 1 item per page. This has been working great, and is preferred over the built-in slider functionality, because it allows our client to easily adjust/add slides through the collection form versus the designer.

However, the client’s SEO contractor recently reached out about the “funky” URLs appearing in Google Analytics. Because of the pagination, each new slide adds additional page info into the homepage URL - i.e. “/?39858441_page=6”. This is naturally causing weird results in Analytics, with traffic being divided into what Google registers as different pages.

I was wondering if there was a way to prevent the CMS collection from generating these URLs, or some robots.txt code that could be added to prevent Google from registering these individual slides as different pages (as none of the other content on the page changes). OR, if there isn’t a good workaround for this, and I should restructure the slider to be built-in on the page instead of a paginated CMS item.

I appreciate in advance any advice you may have to share! Thanks!

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