CMS session expired - logging out of editor

Can someone please explain the functionality behind why the CMS will sporadically log you out of the editor? I am the only person in it. I was halfway through creating an article, but hadn’t actually hit the Create or Save to Draft button, and it decided to do this:


I then lost 15 minutes of work.

I need to understand why this keeps happening - it occurs on a regular basis and there doesn’t seem to be any logic to it. If I’m the only person in the editor, why does it not stay logged in until I decide to log out? It is becoming very frustrating.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Hi @andyp2

Which browser are you using?

Also is it in normal or incognito mode that you experience this?

When did it start occurring, approximately how often?

cc @Nita @mistercreate

Google Chrome in normal mode. It happens at least once a week, and doesn’t just affect one CMS login. It has become more noticeable over the last two to three months.

Thanks for posting about this @andyp2 and for providing that extra information @StuM requested (thanks Stu! :slight_smile:).

This definitely looks like odd behavior.

Can you please try the following:

This console screenshot is especially helpful as it will give our team insight into what is causing the error.

Could you also please make sure your Chrome browser is up to date? (should be v68)

Thanks in advance!

Reproducing the error at will is pretty much impossible at the minute. I have no idea what causes it. Chrome is up to date so I’ll take a screenshot of the console when it happens again. Cheers!

Hey @andyp2! Good news! :slight_smile: The session expired and logouts were caused by the maintenance of on our end that required us to perform some logout actions on some users. This should not happen again, but if it does feel free to reach out to us :slight_smile:


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